Surviving Mars Contract Exploration Access

Surviving Mars Contract Exploration Access: Tips for Success

Playing the game Surviving Mars can be a thrilling and challenging experience. One of the major elements of the game is exploring and colonizing the Red Planet. To do so, players need to secure contracts to gain access to resources and technologies that will aid in their mission. In this article, we will focus on surviving Mars contract exploration access, and provide some tips for success.

1. Build up your reputation

Before you can secure contracts, you need to build up your reputation. This means establishing a successful colony on Mars that can sustain itself and meet the demands of the mission. This includes providing resources like food, water, and oxygen, as well as building infrastructure such as housing and power plants. As your reputation grows, you`ll be able to secure more lucrative contracts with better rewards.

2. Prioritize research

Research is key to success in Surviving Mars. As you research new technologies, you`ll be able to unlock new buildings and resources that will help you sustain your colony. This, in turn, will help you secure more contracts and access to even more resources and technologies. Make research a priority, and keep an eye out for technologies that will give you an edge in the contract market.

3. Keep an eye on the competition

Securing contracts is a competitive process, and other colonies on Mars will be vying for the same resources and technologies. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing and adjust your strategy accordingly. If they`re focusing on a particular resource, consider focusing on something else to avoid competition. Also, keep in mind that competition can be good, as it can drive up the rewards for contracts.

4. Be flexible

Contracts are not a guaranteed source of income in Surviving Mars. The market for resources and technologies can fluctuate, and contracts may become unavailable or less lucrative. Be flexible and willing to adjust your strategy as needed. Keep an eye on the market, and be ready to pivot to new contracts or resources if necessary.

5. Manage your resources wisely

As with any real estate business, you need to manage your resources wisely in Surviving Mars. This means balancing the demands of your colony with the needs of your contracts. Don`t overextend yourself by taking on too many contracts at once, as this can strain your resources and leave your colony vulnerable. Instead, take on contracts that align with your colony`s strengths and needs.

In conclusion, securing contracts in Surviving Mars is a crucial part of colonizing the Red Planet. To succeed, you need to build up your reputation, prioritize research, keep an eye on the competition, be flexible, and manage your resources wisely. With these tips, you can survive the challenges of contract exploration access and thrive on Mars.

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